Mar 142018

On Saturday March 17, I will be marching in the Irish Channel in New Orleans. Hope to see you out there.

Traditionally, boxty cakes are served as part of an Irish breakfast fry with eggs, black pudding, white pudding, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms.

2 pounds Potatoes, peeled

3 Eggs, whisked

1 pound cooked Corned Beef, shredded

2 cups All-Purpose Flour

1 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Pepper

Boil half of the potatoes until soft, drain off water, and mash. Grate remaining potatoes into a large bowl, add eggs, and mix with the mashed potatoes. Fold in the beef.

Sift flour, salt and pepper over the potatoes and gently mix with your hands as if lending bread dough, taking care not to overtax.

Roll onto a floured board until about 1-inch thick. Cut dough into triangles, squares or circles. Lightly grease a heavy skillet (or frying pan) and heat to medium-high. Cook slowly until well browned on both sides.


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I lived in New Orleans, since birth, until Hurricane Katrina. I now live in Arkansas with my wife and our spoiled-rotten dog. I have been cooking since I was 8. My first cookbook, You can't keep New Orleans out of the cook, is now available at and most online bookstores. It is also available on Kindle and Nook.