Mar 302016

Here is another one from Besh Big Easy. Macque Choux is a classic Cajun dish of corn stewed in cream. It has roots in Native America with the corn.

6 ears Sweet Corn, kernels sliced off the cob

1 Onion, chopped

2 tablespoons Butter

2 cloves Garlic, minced

1/2 Serrano Pepper. thinly sliced

1 cup Cherry Tomatoes, halved

1 cup Heavy Cream

Salt and Pepper

Cook the corn and onions in the butter in a large skillet over medium heat until they are soft and translucent. Add the garlic and serrano and cook a few minutes longer. Add the tomatoes and cream, raise the heat, and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper and serve.



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