Jan 262012

This is a variation of Eggs Benedict. Instead of eggs, fried oysters

are placed on top of the English muffins. Visko’s, a closed restaurant

on the Westbank of New Orleans, had a dish like this. Their Oysters

Meaux was made with a sauce that had a touch of Pommery mustard in it. Pommery Mustard is a mustard imported

from  Meaux France. My recipe uses the traditional Hollandaise sauce. This is another brunch

dish that is great at dinnertime.

Hollandaise Sauce

4 English Muffins split and buttered

8 sliced Canadian Bacon


32 medium Fried Oysters



In a medium skillet over medium-high heat, brown the bacon.

To Assemble

Place two halves of English muffin on a serving plate. Place a slice

of Canadian bacon on each muffin half. Place 4 fried oysters on each

muffin half. Top with hollandaise sauce and serve immediately.

The Hollandaise Sauce recipe is from a previous blog post.